Butter Bust Firming Cream

Product Introduction
This breast full breast enlargement cream accelerates cell activation throughout the breast, lifting your breasts in a short period of time and helping you get rid of flat and sagging breasts. Moreover, the ingredients could efficiently resist tissue loosening, help you enhance and uplift the breast in one time, and make your bodyline even more attractive.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) ,Most skincare have MOQs of 1,000 ,3,000 , 5,000 units per a item. We look forward your inquiries and look forward to assisting you with your questions.

Butter Bust Firming Cream
Butter Bust Firming Cream EDM-01
Butter Bust Firming Cream EDM-02
Butter Bust Firming Cream
Butter Bust Firming Cream EDM-01
Butter Bust Firming Cream EDM-02
  • Features

This breast full breast enlargement cream will firm the skin, it helps the breasts lift, firm, enlarge and nourish the breasts. Improve chest color, make chest firm and elastic. Effectively enhance the softness, keep firm and straight, to help you create attractive chest curves. 

Breast enhancement cream can effectively dredge breast nutrition transport channel, accelerate cell absorption of nutrition. Promote the increase of adipose tissue in the breast, make the breast more elastic, more straight.

Our products are suitable for all ages and any skin type. Continuous use of cream will allow your breasts to fully develop. It helps improve breast size and shape, making breasts fuller and breasts firmer.


  • Suggested Usage:

Nourish breast skin

Coquettish plump touch 

Soft smooth breasts

  • Caution:

1. Please store out of babies' reach to avoid swallowing ;

2. In case of discomfort; in case of discomfort or persistent redness and swelling after application, please stop using immediately and consult a professional physician;

3. Do not use the product in case of skin allergy should perform an allergy test first and make sure that no irritation occurs before using it.

4.Store in cool shady place avoiding direct exposure to sunlight.


  • Our service

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(2) ODM & OEM & OBM, any your customized requirement we can help you to design and put into product.

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Product Name

Butter Bust Firming Cream


Moisturizing,  Bust Firming .Moisturizing, Lifting, Firming, Tightening

Shelf Life

3 Years




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