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Unlike the traditional OEM industry, and same with most of our clients, the main aim of Jing Young is going through from scratch, from small to large. For that reason, Jing Young realized the hardships of our clients' business and entrepreneurship. As a result, we do not rely on the traditional OEM industry. Instead, we are looking forward to provide our clients with a full range of services through professional and market integration.
通過衛福部(GMP) CNS22716
Acquired ISO 22716:2007 Compliance - Cosmetics Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Business PhilosophyJing Young Biotech has been upholding the business philosophy, professionalism achieves enterprise, innovation originates from the heart, service on a practical basis, and commitment to building trust since its establishment.

A company that focuses on honesty as a core value recognizes the importance of having trust and respect, which creates a positive atmosphere for all

shows respect to the life of skin and rigorously treat customer requirements. We always insist that all customers deserve to be taken seriously!

Provide value rather than the product itself. Customizing plan, Package design, R&D, on-site project management and Q&C.

Jing Young provides comprehensive skin care private label service solution for consumers and customers. In order to offer the best, creative and efficient service to customers

ESG Friendly Cosmetics & Sustainable Development Environment

The actions of JingYoung’s environmental program are thinking over how we can continue our goal for sustainable development environment, we carefully check carbon footprint for products we are production.



Exhibition|Bio ASIA TAIWAN July 27-30 2023

Three Individuals Cosmetics Safety Assessment Certification

One-Stop Professional Service Platform

Talent Quality-management System Bronze Certification



Preservative-Free And Oil-Free Plant Extract Composition Preparation System

Contactless hospitality services .720° Panorama



(GMP) CNS22716
ISO 22716:2007and GMP certified
View our quality products Cream, Fiber, Foam, Lotion, Mask, Sunscreen, Toner, Essence, Exfoliating Gel, Eye Gel, Facial Cleansing Powder, Facial Wash, Hair Treatment, Lip Care, Makeup Removing Liquid, Renewal Eyelash Enhancer, and Plant Certification
moisturizing lotion Monde Selectionl Awards



Gold Medal Award for Thermal Mask Invention
TAIWAN INNOTECH EXPO 2020 invention contest award Hot Mask Invention patent
Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA CITD conventional industries
Technology Development Received Formulated R&D Program



ISO 22716:2007and GMP certified

  • Essential Oil Technology Wins Pure Beauty Global Awards
  • Cooling Mask Invention Silver Medal Award
  • gallic acid Patent



it aimed to create university–industry cooperative models

  • 1.Chung Shan Medical University
    botanical extracts for glowing skin
  • 2.Feng Chia University
    The Cooperative Development is Cooling Mask Invention Silver Medal / Thermal Mask Invention.



R&D Exclusive

  • Exclusive Authorized Hyaluronic Acid4.
  • Providence University. Completion of human efficacy test
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Exceed 40 patent applications



JY manufacturers OEM / ODM cosmetics products for serves in the Taichung Industrial Park



Seoul Women's Invention Award for Microemulsion Technology



Serve stronghold in Xiamen, China providing the market service.



JING YOUNG BIOTECH BUSINESS CO.,LTD ensures each customer's demands are met.your skin care products can be tailored to meet the beauty market trends.



Our masters and doctorate team, expert R&D team will discuss and confirm your products requirements and then dermatology inspiration have been serving our customers.

Corporate Philosophy
Corporate Vision
Corporate Vision

To develop excellent products based on sustainability and promote a better life for humanity.

Corporate Mission
Corporate Mission

To provide the public with trustworthy and high-quality products and services, pursuing sustainable operation and creating corporate value.

Core Values
Core Values

Integrity Being sincere and trustworthy.
Professionalism Demonstrating expertise and serving wholeheartedly.
Accountability Valuing commitments and taking responsibility for results.
Innovation Breaking through the status quo and creating value.


Talent cultivation and governance enhancement.
Innovation research and development, quality improvement.
Diversified operation, international marketing.
Becoming a leading whale in the industry.

License to distribute medical devices equipment
License to distribute medical devices equipment
Cosmetic Safety Assessment Signatory (SA)
Cosmetic Safety Assessment Signatory (SA)
SGS/Water Quality Testing Certified
SGS/Water Quality Testing Certified
Professional Made
Professional Efficacy Formula Development
Professional Efficacy Formula Development

Professional ingredient database
Accurate addition of efficacy ingredients
Professional research and development laboratory
Quality stability laboratory
Cosmetics Safety Assessment Certification

Exclusive International Award-Winning Patents
Exclusive International Award-Winning Patents

Innovative inventions, best anti-aging, best dosage form, best quality Recognition from major international awards Number one in Taiwan.

Utilization of Top 100 Extracted Plant Extracts
Utilization of Top 100 Extracted Plant Extracts

Utilization of local agricultural products in Taiwan
Extraction of active ingredients for efficacy
Application of natural plant extract formulas

  • Market Planning/Consultation AnalysisMarket Planning/Consultation Analysis
  • Product Planning/Formula SuggestionsProduct Planning/Formula Suggestions
  • Packaging Design/Packaging Material SuggestionsPackaging Design/Packaging Material Suggestions
  • Education Training/Market InsightsEducation Training/Market Insights