Professional Plants Extraction


Industry link: Plant tissue culture, Deep processing of agricultural resources
Government link: Agricultural Research Institute, Industrial Technology Research Institute Looking forward to academic exchanges and cooperation with Taiwan colleges and universities.

Selection of crop production and set up of GAP

  • seedling propagation (Plant tissue culture)
  • Pesticide management
  • Fertilizer management
  • Set up of harvesting standard
  • Preservation of agricultural products
  • Detection of pesticide

Plants Extraction

  • Processing of agricultural waste
  • Processing of secondary outcome of agricultural product

Set up of quality standard

  • Selection of ingredients index
  • Quantitative of ingredients index

Product development and application

  • Food
  • cosmetic
  • Health care products
  • Medicine
  • Extraction of active ingredients
  • Research and development of patent formula
  • Micro-emulsion technology

Results of professional extraction

Jing Young Biotech CO., LTD. entrepreneurship in the spirit of strengthening local cultivation features, in addition to research and development on skin care products, but also continue to promote the deep processing and applications of agricultural products throughout Taiwan.

Extraction of active ingredients, Research and development of patent formula, micro-emulsion technology and green products are the pride of Jing Young’s professional skill and technology.

  • Deep processing of Agricultural: Extraction of resveratrol, citrus, Lycium Barbarum, Antrodia camphorate, Sanshing scallions etc.
  • Eevelopment of patent formula: Exclusive micro-emulsion technology awarded gold medal in the Sixth Korea International Women's Invention Exposition in year 2013.
  • Green Product: Non-adding, Environment Protection (Resist the PM 2.5), Natural Plant Extraction.
Brightening Anti-aging Phalaenopsis Extract
Due to flower appearance look like a butterfly and gorgeous in color, Phalaenopsis has the reputation of “Queen of Orchid”. A rich anthocyanin with tight repair, excellent anti-oxidant and powerful brightening effect, improve the skin brightening, anti-aging, anti-dull and recovery healthy bright perfect skin condition.
Instant tightening Marine Golden Algae
Unique combination of purified microalgae active extract and high expression polysaccharide go with timeliness and long range efficacy which can achieve rapid compaction effect.
Anti-aging Moisturizing Yam Extract
Yam extract can enhance the metabolism of our skin and improve moisturizing function of skin moreover reduce the inflammation of skin. Furthermore, it can smoothing our skin while forming a protective layer against external environmental damage.
Anti-allergic Repairing Green tea Polyphenols
Enrich with natural compound of catechin, excellent antioxidant properties can reduce free radicals and sunlight radiation injury to skin and repair damaged sensitive weak skin.
Anti-aging Lingzhi extract
There are various amino acids and ganoderma polysaccharides in the Lingzhi which can help to increase the energy of skin cells, improve the vitality of skin cells and effectively enhance cell metabolism in order to delay skin aging.
Soothing anti-acne Bergamot essential oil
Belong to the citrus plant category, extract from the peel, very fresh and unique in taste which quite similar to orange and lemon. Very useful to the skin caused by oily problems especially the skin problems initiate by the emotional stress. Bergamot essential oil can soothing our skin, inhibit bacteria and improve healing ability of acne.
Brightening & Anti-oxidant Magnolia Essential Oil
Main function is antibacterial, anti-oxidant, restore cell elasticity, skin regeneration, moisturizing, skin whitening and other effects. Extremely fragrant, with wood adjustment sweet majority, soothing nervous system characteristics.
Anti-aging & Oil Control Rose Geranium essential oil
Balance sebum secretion and make skin plump, very effectively for the aging, flabby, porous obstruction and oily skin. Furthermore, it can also shrink the pore, and enhance blood circulation to appear ruddy and energetic in order to make skin shiny and delicate.
Soothing & Balance Lavender Essential Oil
Able to balance the sebum secretion of skin, inhibit bacterial and enhance the closed up of minor wound. Furthermore, it can provide function like moisturizing, oil-control, shrink pores etc. Most suitable for acne and coarse pores skins.
Brightening - Thyme
Latest exclusive brightening patented technology from Japan. The inhibition of kinesin prevent melanin from moving to surface of skin and resulting in follow-up transformation in order to enhance the brightening of skin.
Anti-allergic & Protection Glacier Edelweiss
Passed the certification of ECOCERT and NATURE, and achieved the name of “The Queen of Swiss Alpine Glacier” because of the unique and precious brightening ingredient in it. Enrich with edelweiss acid which can improve the skin barrier to defense the UV rays for protecting skin’s cell and perfect the protection against external aggression.
Anti-aging Ginseng Extract
In the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, Ginseng can enhance body physical strength and immune system. Its ingredients are mainly composed of 30 kinds of ginsenosides, alcohols, vitamins, trace minerals and other abundant elements, which have a powerful anti-oxidant effect and can resist the sensitive skin conditions caused by the external environment.
Brightening & Anti-wrinkle Ice Crystal Galanthus nivalis
Exclusive patented technology “Dormin” can effectively slowing aging, improve the protection against skin and enhance superoxide dismutase in order to smooth muscle texture, weaken the wrinkle and relax the muscle. In addition, by slowing melanocyte proliferation and inhibiting melanin synthesis, it can achieve the function of brightening your skin.
Anti-aging & Protection Narcissus
Exclusive patented technology “Dormin” can effectively slowing aging, improve the protection against skin. The natural extract of narcissus can slow down cell proliferation and achieve the function slowing aging.
Anti-aging & Anti-Inflammation Brazil Berry Oil
Rich in anthocyanin, polyphenols, vitamins and other nutritional components of plants. Contain a large number of unique and effective antioxidant substances. As plant that contains superior protein, many fatty acids and amino acids contribute to maintaining health of immune systems and cardiovascular systems. Enhancing antioxidant function, slowing aging phenomenon in order to make skin & hair softer, effectively protect and eliminate inflammation reaction caused by free radicals.
Anti-oxidant & Brightening Red Pomegranate Extract
The main active ingredients of red pomegranate are spent acid and anthocyanins which effectively at anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation to weaken the aging phenomenon of skin. Depends on the extreme anti-oxidant of red pomegranate extract, it can substantially lower the damage by UVA and UVB to the skin and inhibit the active of tyrosine in the melanin cells in order to weaken the formation of melanin and achieve the function of brightening and weaken spots.
Oil control & Acne Spiraea Ulmaria Extract
As a natural analgesic, has good function on anti-inflammation and soothing which can help to regulate sebum secretion, shrink pores etc.


Moisturizing & Soothing Pansy Extract
Can improve the inhibition of bacteria and relieve the inflammation of skin such as acne, allergies and other problems. According to the traditional Chinese medicine dictionary "Compendium of Materia Medica", pansy has a miracle effect on anti-acne.
Soothing & Anti-inflammation Horehound
Excellent and pure extract from the Alps, strict testing by France and Switzerland. It can protect the skin, avoid the inflammation reaction after UV irradiation. The characteristic of inflammation can be apply in varieties of products especially for the sensitive skins.
Moisturizing & Anti-aging Buddleja Davidii
Excellent and pure extract from the Alps, strict testing by France and Switzerland. Can effectively weaken the free radicals by its anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant function and also reduce the process of aging, help skin to replenish moisture.
Nourishing & Moisturizing Shea Butter
Shea Butter can replenish the moisture of skin and protects skins from environment pollution, reduce the damage and irritation caused by sun. Recommended for dry and sensitive skin.
Anti-aging & Brightening Lychee Extract
Can effectively reduce the sun damage to the skin, enhance the skin tone condition and slowing the process of aging.
Professional Whitening Peas Extract
The brightening ingredient used by profession. The main components are dilauric sucrose ester and peas extract, according to the experiment’s results showing that the combination of two ingredients has good synergistic effect and can reduce melanin formation from the source.
Anti-aging & Reduce Scar sunflower seeds extract
Plant-based EGF, can reduce the scar and enhance the condition of skin, decrease wound pigmentation and scar formation, help to improve elasticity and smoothness of skin. Furthermore, it can protect skin from dryness caused by the weather.
Patented Moisturizing Imperata Extract
Exclusive patented ingredient which can effectively replenish hydration against deep skin. Recommended for dry and sensitive skin. Long lasting moisturizing can maintain the hydration of skin.
Brightening Mulberry bark Extract
High effectively of anti-oxidant which can inhibit the formation of melanin and can also enhance the blood circulation. It can accelerate the metabolism of keratinocyte in order to achieve soft and brightening skin condition.
Anti-allergy & Moisturizing Ginkgo Extract
It can alleviate allergic symptoms, relax blood vessels, improve blood circulation function and also have SOD function which can be applied to dry and aging skin care products.
Oil control Green grapefruit seeds Extract
Extract from the natural fresh green grapefruit, can effectively clean the deep side of pores and inhibit the sebum secretion. Moreover, it can soften the skin at the same time improve the moisture and smoothness of skin.
Oil Control & Tighten Mushroom Extract
It able to tighten the skin, shrink pores of sebum and maintain the hydration of skin.
Anti-allergy and Soothing  Sage Extract
Excellent effect of soothing. Convergence, antibacterial and relax nerves are extremely useful.
Brightening Hops Extract
Can influence the signal transduction pathway in the process of melanin synthesis, assist metabolism of keratinocyte and melanocyte, reduce pigmentation disorder condition.
Anti-wrinkles Hydrolysis okra plant protein
Adding the eatable grade natural plant protein from okra, safety and reliable, has the same function as botulinum toxin injection, obtain the function of long-lasting anti-wrinkles.
Anti-aging & Moisturizing Circaea cordata
High quality circaea cordata extract from the Alps, strict testing by France and Switzerland.
1. Flavonoids: anti inflammation, soothing skin, resisting external pressure.
2. Tannin: obtain antioxidant effect, slowing the process of skin aging
3. Polysaccharides: Holding water molecules to achieve moisturizing, make skin soft and firm.
Experiments have shown that circaea cordata has chemical molecules which can make people feel happy.
Anti-aging Sorghum Wine meal Extract
By adding the purified sorghum wine meal extract, can effectively tighten the skin, weakens the wrinkles. Can be used with a variety of anti-aging ingredients such as roe, placenta, etc. Using skin-friendly shea butter and jojoba oil to create a non-greasy creamy feel.
Moisturizing & Repairing Aloe Extract
Adding the aloe extract which is known for soothing and repairing, it contain the nearest pH value with skin and can improve the protection of our skin. It can be used in the sleeping mask formula and recommended for summer day. Aloe extract can be added in variety of products for its excellent moisturizing, soothing and repairing effect.
Cleansing & Moisturizing Organic Compound Extract
Extract from the natural rice, wheat and other sources can effectively cleansing skin. 
Mainly used for skin cleaning purposes, can be made into dense curtains filaments or liquid and certificate by formal ECO international organic profession.
Hypoallergenic & Soothing Neroli Hydrosol
Take the natural hydrosol as the based without adding other fragrance or flavors in order to make sure skin care is hypoallergenic and no burden. The fresh hydrosol of the neroli hydrosol can effectively relieve body and mind. Due to the natural and fresh flavor of hydrosol, it can be used as a natural fragrance in variety of products.
Aromas & Relieve Lavender Hydrosol
Using the natural extract lavender hydrosol as based which able to relieve the nervous tension nerves and muscles, calming the uncomfortable. It can be added to products such as serums or creams to increase the natural fragrance of the product.
Soothing & Moisturizing Rose Hydrosol
Take the natural rose hydrosol as the based, can effectively soothing the skin. The natural flavor of the rose can be added to all kind of products to improve the scent without cauing allergic and burden. It can be mixing with other ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, gherkin, aloe vera, silk proteins and etc.
Moisturizing & anti-allergic Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
The latest develop small molecules hydrolyzed wheat protein, the average molecular weight is below 1000. When applied to skin care products, it can protect the skin from UV rays, and with the extreme anti-allergic effect, its suitable for all kinds of sunscreen and anti-allergic products.