Medical Beauty


JY is Committed to Your Product Safety and so we provide :
Up to 3 months of testing time for research and development activities for OEM / ODM product manufacturing.
Multiple Stability Tests
Use of other tests such as circulating oven for thermal stability as well as others
We believe that stable product quality is our responsibility to the consumer as well as to the OEM brand. If your product stability is not good enough then you cannot guarantee the quality of the products you deliver to consumers and that can impact upon your brand image.
In our quality control section, we have extensive experience and an expert team of R&D professionals to help customers develop the perfect product formulas and test them thoroughly. So we can be confident in the safety & performance of all the cosmetics we deliver.
We will create samples of each of the new products and complete oven cycle testing at temperatures from 5-45 degrees to confirm the thermostability of the formulations. We also carry out microbiological testing to confirm the antibacterial efficiency of each product.


Our OEM  are produced to the very highest standards.

Honesty is always the core value of Jing Young Biotech for formulation development , to make sure adding effective component to sufficient amounts and concentrations, and the core value never changed since the company was founded, once the market confirmed the formula, almost no change has been made. From lack of water, whitening, acne, oil control, anti-allergy, anti-aging all maintenance related medical beauty has their fixed followers. As a R&D and manufacturing side, Jing Young Biotech always specialize at design effective formula with the right ingredients, on the other hand, the weakness is to promotes sells but Jing Young Biotech firmly believe in "doing real, giving love", uphold the principle of people-oriented and turn a stumbling block into a stepping stone.

Anti wrinkle low irritate peptide acid serum
Combining the mandelic acid with peptide SYN-COLL can enhance the synthesis of collagen and effectively improve the wrinkles. Furthermore, the combination can stimulate collagen and elastic fiber hyperplasia in depth of dermis with low irritate, low degree of swelling and suitable to use on different type of skin and sensitive skin.
Lipophilic fruit acid-mandelic acid serum
Currently the only lipophilic fruit acid, can effectively solve problems such as inflammatory pustule and papules that caused by acne. Moreover, the serum can also soothes and improve skin condition, improve dullness, weaken the wrinkles and revitalizes skin. It also has a significant result on blackness and aging caused by sunlight.
Exfoliation-glycolic acid serum
Can accelerate the exfoliation of old waste keratin, enhance the metabolism rate of epithelial cells in order to improve the skin renewal, hyperkeratosis, dullness, dark spot and pigmentation after inflammation of the skin.
Acne-Royal jelly Serum
Can reduce and balance oil secretion, improve the situation of blackhead acne. Rich in fatty acid composition, can soften the keratin in order to prevent the blisters caused by hyperkeratosis.
Anti-allergic and soothing German Chamomile Serum
Rich in variety of effective antioxidant polyphenol and flavonoids with the function of purifying, anti-inflammatory, soothing, improve sensitive skin, strengthen skin tissue, excellent repair and conditioning the effectiveness of skin texture.
Moisturizing-Czech hyaluronic acid serum
High abilities of moisturizing and absorption, can highly maintain the elasticity of skin also help replenish plenty of water into our skin and epidermis, prevent the loss of water.
Whitening-America tranexamic acid serum
Provide a nice and even skin colour, reduce the activeness of tyrosinase and melanocytes to prevent the accumulation of melanin, can block the deteriorating route of progression of melanin due to UV irradiation.
Anti-aging-Argentina placenta serum
Rich in protein, polysaccharides, hormones and erythropoietin, also has a effective moisturizing effect, can reduce the sensitivity of the skin, reduce skin lines, enhance skin cell regeneration and slow the process of aging.
Anti-wrinkles and regulate-French Caviar serum
Regulate the physiological function, enhance the metabolism, improve the immunity of skin and also replenish the loss of the collagen due to the decrease of the metabolic capacity.
Best choices for weaken the wrinkles and dryness.
Anti-aging-Copper Peptide Serum
Effective result of skin repair and protect which can enhance elasticity of skin, improve the wrinkles, stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin, soothing and slow the process of aging and accelerate the metabolism of skin while remove the free radicals.
You can rest assured that allowing JY to manufacture your cosmetics or facial masks is the right decision and we will reward your trust with excellent products and service.
We have held ISO22716:2007 for over a decade and we are constantly focused on our OEM / ODM cosmetic manufacturing quality and safety.
We have an excellent reputation in  the industry as a cosmetics manufacture and will be happy to let you know about some of the large brands that we work with if you contact us directly.