Water Film Magnetic Hyaluronic Acid 4.0

Patented exclusive formulation

It’s the last mile on moisturizing technique. Jing Young Biotech is the sole distributor of the world’s largest manufacturer of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic Acid 4.0 water membrane magnet (hyaluronic acid) is an ultra-high molecular weight polymer obtained from the natural source of sodium hyaluronate HA through crosslinking reaction. It’s a three-dimensional reticular structure that can evenly cover the skin’s surface to form a layer of breathable, protective film. The structure of the raw material is strong and dense with high elasticity and powerful stack support force.



  • It can be added to any type of skin care for multiplied effect.
  • It feels an angel satin texture. With just one drop, it’s like applying a moisturizing facial mask on the face.

* There’s another human clinical trial performed by the Providence University proving obvious enhancement in “humidity/elasticity/fineness” (for relevant data, please call or contact Jing Young’s Business Service Department.)

We have held ISO22716:2007 for over a decade and we are constantly focused on our OEM / ODM cosmetic manufacturing quality and safety.
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