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Detoxifying Face Mask

Product Introduction
This Detoxifying Face Mask is mainly used to clean pores.
Using this Detoxifying Face Mask can easily remove excess oil and dirt that clog pores, thus making pores smooth and improving skin problems caused by large pores, blackheads and pimples. Then giving you a clear and refreshing looking.

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Detoxifying Face Mask
Detoxifying Face Mask EDM-01
Detoxifying Face Mask EDM-02
Detoxifying Face Mask
Detoxifying Face Mask EDM-01
Detoxifying Face Mask EDM-02
  • Features

1.The Detoxifying Face Mask helps remove blackheads, whiteheads, excess oil and impurities and shrinks pores. Deep purifying pores, regulate the balance of water and oil.

2.The Detoxifying Face Mask contains a lot of moisture, which can be easily absorbed and used by skin cells. It can also repair the surface of the skin and make the skin quality significantly improved. It can eliminate pigmentation, lift and tighten dark and dehydrated skin, reduce wrinkles and wrinkles, and make skin replenished, soft and glowing.

3.won not cause acne or skin to break out. It helps detoxing, reduce blackheads, acne, shrinking pores. It moisturizes the skin and the elasticity gets better.

4.Minimizes dullness and discoloration. Make your skin looks more youthful

5. It helps to clean skin, brighten and even out skin tone. Then, visibly minimizes pores, leaving skin soft and refreshed. The mud facial mask also helps significantly reduce the look of acne, making you have smooth and glowing skin.



  • Suggested Usage:

1. Wash your face and apply the mask   (avoiding eyes,lips,eyebrows area) , ensuring good contact with skin.

2. Wait for 10-15 minutes

3. Use two to three times a week or as often as desired.

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Product Name

Detoxifying Face Mask


Deep Cleansing, Blackhead Remover, Shrinking Pores,brighten and even out skin tone. visibly minimizes pores

Shelf Life

3 Years




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