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3D whitening Jelly Mask

Product Introduction
The 3D whitening JELLY MASK is light in texture and contains a variety of elements to make skin glow.added ingredients help to hydrate, brighten and even the skin, promote skin cell renewal and removal of melanin, and increase moisture in the skin.

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3D whitening Jelly Mask
3D whitening JELLY MASK EDM-01
3D whitening JELLY MASK EDM-02
3D whitening Jelly Mask
3D whitening JELLY MASK EDM-01
3D whitening JELLY MASK EDM-02
  • Features

Nowadays, people are choosing skin care products with increasing emphasis on natural, skin-friendly ingredients. 

The 3D whitening JELLY MASK can not only meet the daily needs of hydrating the skin, but also can properly clean the skin to keep the skin in better condition.

Dark spots, also known as sun spots, age spots or hyperpigmentation, can appear on your face, hands and shoulders due to ultraviolet radiation from the sun, genetics, hormones and inflammation. Any form of dark spots on the skin, whether from the sun or other causes, is considered hyperpigmentation, which occurs when too much melanin, the brown pigment that makes up skin color, forms deposits in the skin.

use this 3D whitening JELLY MASK It brightens, moisturizes and prevents dry skin from looking dull. It inhibits melanin production and prevents spots and freckles. 

This 3D whitening JELLY MASK can control oil and fight acne, reduce pores, promote the rapid renewal of epidermal cells, so that the skin is smooth and delicate, play a slow aging effect.

The  texture of is considered to help lock in moisture in the skin and help evenly brighten the complexion.

It is supposed to known that when the skin begins to sag, it is easy to get wrinkles. This facial mask helps restore elasticity, which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles while improving the overall appearance of the skin.


  • Suggested Usage:

Apply the jelly film and use the jelly film to closely adhere to the pressure of the skin to promote the absorption of the essence.

For normal skin, just wipe off the excess with toilet paper, let the jelly still leave a thin layer on the face, and enjoy the benefits of a good night jelly that locks in moisture overnight


  • FAQ:

Q:How often should you use a jelly face mask?

A:Generally, cream and gel masks are good for all skin types, though skin that's dry, sun damaged, or sensitive might benefit the most. Most cream and gel masks can be used three times per week, and some formulas can even be worn nightly as overnight 


Q:What does a 3D whitening JELLY MASK do for your face?

A:A 3D whitening JELLY MASK Mask is a “jelly-like” mask that provides the skin with several benefits such as hydration, smoothing, moisturizing, washing, exfoliating, cooling,whitening, toning and inflammation reduction.


Q:Are Jelly masks good?

A:Jelly masks promise to hydrate your skin like no other thanks to nourishing ingredients . Not only are these masks incredibly hydrating And a very soothing feeling

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Product Name

3D whitening Jelly Mask


Moisturizing, Whitening, Dark Spot Corrector, Glowing

Shelf Life

3 Years




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