Clear Skin Serum

Product Introduction
This clear skin serum formula helps to hydrate, soothe and reduce acne recurrence. They unclog pores, control sebum production and exfoliate, reducing the likelihood of acne and the look of blemishes, pores, and uneven texture, and leaving skin looking cleaner and healthier.

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Clear Skin Serum
clear skin seruml EDM-01
clear skin seruml EDM-02
Clear Skin Serum
clear skin seruml EDM-01
clear skin seruml EDM-02
  • Features

There  clear skin serum can  dissolve oil in pores, blackheads, improve closed

moisturizes and soothes, hydrates and brightens skin while softening fine lines and firming skin. is gentle and soothing, repairing fragile skin and cleansing without causing skin sensitivity.

These clear skin serum are especially formulated for acne-prone skin and are oil-free and non-comedogenic, they also clean deep into pores to give you clearer skin without over-drying or irritation and they leave skin clean and smooth.


  • Suggested Usage:

After toner, apply a few drops of face serum to face or eyes and gently massage until absorbed.


  • Caution:

1. Please store out of babies' reach to avoid swallowing ;

2. In case of discomfort; in case of discomfort or persistent redness and swelling after application, please stop using immediately and consult a professional physician;

3. Do not use the product in case of skin allergy should perform an allergy test first and make sure that no irritation occurs before using it.

4.Store in cool shady place avoiding direct exposure to sunlight.

  • FAQ:

Q:What’s the texture like?

A:The clear skin serum is the most “refreshing” of the bunch. Its unique texture is sometimes described as “stretchy” or “refreshing” and speaks to its properties. 

Q:What skin care benefits can I get from using skin care with clear skin serum?

A:Too many to count! clear skin serumis known for hydrating, repairing skin damage, fighting blemishes, even skin tone, fading acne scars or pigmentation, firm and tighten the skin, and boost elastin and collagen production to slow the signs of ageing to a snail’s pace.



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Product Name

clear skin serum


Moisturizing, Nourishing. good absorption.Shrinking Pores, Soothing, Acne Remover

Shelf Life

3 Years




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